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Dyeing process for different types of chemical fabric, such as woven, warp-knitted, weft-knitted, should apply different solution. Traditional idea of dyeing chemical fabric is same for all. The sequence can be expressed by following flow chart.

Treatment before dyeing → Pr-heatsetting → Dyeing → Treatment after dyeing

In order to stay competitive and be in business for modern chemical fabric dyehouse, important factors to achieve successful dyeing at low cost, environmentally friendly, high quality product include dye standardization, centralized control system and high efficiency machines. As top-notch solution for chemical fabric dyehouse, Texpro has analyzed involves data over the dyeing processes, understood customers requirement. Texpro will first-exhibit sophisticated machineries, solution for chemical fabric dyehouse, during ITMA ASIA + CITME 2018 in Shanghai.

Dyeing machine

Jet dyeing machines operates with a hydraulic system that the chemical fabric kept circulating during the whole processing cycle. This kind of machine reduces fabric tension, lowers shrinkage, finishes product without crease/chicken mark and have better hand feeling. However, jet dyeing machine unstably controls liquor ratio. High liquor ratio compared to air-water flow dyeing machine consumes more water, energy and chemicals. On the other side, air-liquid dyeing machine is green & economy, but, because of round shape, it has needed to be done to improve fabric tension and flaw during operation. Large tension when machine running might break the chemical fabric structure and remain crease/chicken mark.

● SHR200 dyeing machine: all new structure of chamber. Texpro R&D has built on lessons learned from the current jet dyeing machine. With the unique capabilities of chamber, SHR200 dyeing machine is solved large energy consumption with extremely low liquor ratio.

● AFH735 dyeing machine: this is a high edge air-liquid dyeing machine for tension sensitive fabric such as nylon, polyester blend, jacquard, spandex etc. The demand for spandex fabric is expected to grow due to rapid growth of stretchable fabrics application in the recent years. This is creating enormous opportunities for the spandex manufacturers and to tap these opportunities, companies are increasing their production capacities all over the globe. As mentioned, round shape dyeing machine isn’t friendly for stretchable fabrics. Texpro R&D takes years to complete a low liquor ratio dye machine able to apply tension sensitive fabric. AFH735 dyeing machine utilizes internal winch device for keeping the chemical fabric in circulation. This results in less gravity force on lifting fabric. The lower lifted distance the less tension effect on fabric.

All New equipment of treatment after dyeing

● T8668: Texpro T8668 Stenter is using PLC touch screen control and patented nozzle, which meets process requirements of high stretch chemical fabrics.

● Texpro Washing & Oil removal-Synch Pr-heatsetting Operation Technique (TWO-SPOT). TWO-SPOT is utilized in stenter & washing range. 

■ The advantage of TWO-SPOT

◆ Specialization division of production line increases dyeing machine efficiency;

◆ Lesser water consumption;

◆ Reduce product flaw, like crease mark, fabric structure damage, due to combine two steps in one;

◆ Reduce specific fabric emulsification;

◆ Tension stabilization while washing & oil removal processes                     

For more information about Texpro and the making of modern chemical fabric dyehouse equipment, please visit us at Hall H6 Booth F01(H6F01) during ITMA ASIA + CITME 2018 held at the New National Exhibition and Convention Centre (NECC) in Shanghai. Texpro researches not only in modern equipment but also in dyehouse information & management technique. We will explain the detail in next article, please keep follow. 

Under Texpro group, there are two companies: one is Son-tech Precision Machinery Co., Ltd and another one is Texpro & Stentex Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. Its history can be traced back to 1997. For many years, we’ve tightly focused on the business philosophy of "Making Sophisticated Dyeing and Finishing Machinery is Our Profession", adhered to the path of quality and service innovation for sustainable development, given full play to Texpro's competitive advantages of design, manufacture and process, and tried to develop a business characterized by high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection.
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