Texpro 丨 Chemical Fabric Dyehouse In Information Age
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Your Future – information, automation, intelligence where your dyehouse fit into the future. To be ready for a modern chemical dyehouse is progressive. First achievement is Information Management.

Information Management (IM) is a system in which machines collect information, communicate it within the centralization, and processes it to enable operators to make quicker and better decisions. On other words, IM means improve the efficiency. An IM solution helps in controlling costs, ensures uninterrupted production cycles. The result is a useful IM system that enables the dyehouse to optimize operation levels, leading to efficient working per capital management. In the following statement, we will discuss Texpro solution optimizes information management in chemical fabric dyehouse.

Texpro believes that gathering & using information to aid and coordinate the process of making planning and control decisions through- out the organization and to guide the behavior of its managers and employees. The goal of Texpro information management solution is to improve the collective decisions within an organization in an economically feasible way.

Centralization control technology utilized in chemical fabric dyehouse feathers that machines running condition directed and controlled by the top manager. Texpro dyeing machine central control system well organizes monitoring mode, programming, dyeing machine controlling, history review, production scheduling, in which reduces time and cost while increasing overall product quality. Moreover, Texpro dyeing machines fully furnished the latest & most advanced sensors enable operators to monitor each machine's water consumption, steam consumption, power consumption. Real-time monitor dyeing data such as, pump speed, winch speed, temperature, dosing, cycle time, alarm record, history review, etc., projected graphically in control room. It allows users to analyze in the overall machines in a fast and improve production technic in easy way.

By far, many top-niche companies involve into dyeing machine central control. However, none of a company has developed a system for stenters. Until now, the upcoming IMTA ASIA+CITME 2018 exhibition, Texpro will introduces Stentex Centralization Control System (SCCS) developed by Texpro & Siemens. SCCS is world first interconnects stenters well equipped integral, visual panel, automation features. SCCS carries out systematically the overall management as well as organize finishing processes, machine-controller, host- computers, ensures a continuous and flawless data flow along with a clear structure and full flexibility in production. Optimal utilization of the SCCS enabled historical record, remote control, process monitor, datasheet, eta. For more information, please visit us during exhibition at H6F01.

Chemical fabric dyehouse has to have a reliable information management system which is a continuous monitor through production process and to satisfy customer needed/ forecasting.

Made in China 2025 is to comprehensively upgrade Chinese industry, making it more efficient and integrated so that it can occupy the highest parts of global production chains. Texpro provides modern dyehouse solution by intelligent manufacturing, applying the network of information technology to production, achieving green processes. Made in China 2025 isn’t only efficient and integrated but also intelligent. In next article, we would like to talk about automation intelligent application in chemical fabric dyehouse. Thank you for your reading, and longing for see you soon.  

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