PT. Bintang Ciptaperkasa
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Customer: PT. Bintang Ciptaperkasa

Country: Indonesia

Machine Types: SON-TECH ULTRAFLEX H.T. OVERFLOW DYEING MACHINE (UFH628-6T300; UFH628-4T300; UFH628-2T300; UFH628-1T300; UFHM-100; UFHM-60; UFHM-30), STENTEX K330.8 STENTER

Customer Information: PT. Bintang focus in the textile technology development, dyeing& finishing, knitwear, garment and accessories. Used our Son-tech H.T. Dyeing Machine and STENTEX Stenter, not only energy saving and high yield, but also improving the fabric quality.

Under Texpro group, there are two companies: one is Son-tech Precision Machinery Co., Ltd and another one is Texpro & Stentex Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. Its history can be traced back to 1997. For many years, we’ve tightly focused on the business philosophy of "Making Sophisticated Dyeing and Finishing Machinery is Our Profession", adhered to the path of quality and service innovation for sustainable development, given full play to Texpro's competitive advantages of design, manufacture and process, and tried to develop a business characterized by high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection.
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